Considering the cost associated at the airport to have your luggage wrapped it is more cost effective to do it yourself at home with SecureTravla Wrap.
No waiting in line, no high costs, try our SecureTravla wrap.
Luggage wrapping at Melbourne airport starts at $14 per bag one way.

So the cost for a family of 4 one way will be $56.
WOW $56 one way.

SecureTravla Wrap is only $6.90 and you can wrap all 4 bags RETURN not just one way.

Thats a crazy $0.85 cents for each bag return when you buy 1 secure wrap.


About SecureTravla

SecureTravla is the easy ‘do it yourself’ plastic wrap for all types of luggage.
SecureTravla comes with a plastic spinning handle making wrapping very easy. With 100 meters of wrap you are sure to wrap as many as 4 bags.

Why use the SecureTravla wrap?

Unwilling placed items, crime, theft, damage, forced openings.

All sized bags, luggage, golf clubs, surfboards, snow equipment, boxes & baby strollers.

Colour which will help you identify your bag on the carousel.

1.Wrap it.   2. Stick a sticker on it.

Wrap your bag in 5 min.

Airport wrapping machines can cost as much as $14 per bag.

Take it with you for your return flight.

Pack a roll for your return trip

Your luggage will only ever be opened by security when prohibited items are found in them on X-RAY.